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Learn How to Build a Passive Income with Your Design Skills

I was able to use my unique combination of marketing and design skills to create a passive income business that generates over $230,000 in revenue a year. I want to show you how you can do the same thing. Click the button below to get my 5-Day FREE Course.

Howdy, I’m Dustin.

4 years ago I was a struggling freelancer, $35,000 in debt, and had my first child on the way.

By mixing together my online marketing knowledge with my design skills I was able to quickly build a business that generates $230,000+ a year.

Dustin Lee | Passive Income for Designers
Sales from my first 90 days on Creative Market

In fact, once I understood how to mix business skills (like marketing) and design skills together, I was able to build the business fast. Within the first 90 days on Creative Market I made $17,395!

If you’re wondering, yes, this was absolutely mind blowing to me. It was like realizing I was in The Matrix and you didn’t have to trade your money for your time!

This wasn’t just a lucky break though – I’ve been able to replicate these results month after month. Today I own my own site selling design goods and have made over $230k each year.

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I am NOT a better designer or business person than most. I’m just sort of a nerd for marketing. This site was created to share my knowledge and help get designers out of the cycle of selling time for money.

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