Here's a Simple Secret for Selling More Products on Creative Market


Here's one of the most common questions I see in the Passive Income for Designers Facebook group:

"Is my product good enough?"

It makes sense. 

You spend every extra minute you have working on your new product.  You sacrifice time with your family. You carefully craft your product into something that you think you're audience will love. 

Then with butterflies of excitement and fear you click the "Publish" button. 

Finally, all the work is about to pay off.

The first day maybe you get a sale...

The next day none.

A week later still none. 

You feel like you wasted your time. Maybe you feel like your work isn't good enough.

But in your gut, it just feels like the product should be selling. You know your product is as strong as the others you see on Creative Market. So what's the problem?

So you start searching for a solution. 

You follow all the advice you've read:

  • You change the price.
  • You create a new cover image.
  • You share your work on social.
  • You give away freebies. 
  • You offer an early bird price. 

Still no sales. 

Blech. I've experienced this, and it's a horrible feeling. It's an anxiety-inducing feeling. 

The honest truth is there is no magic bullet. 

You have to try dozens (maybe hundreds) of different strategies to get traction. A few will work. Most won't.

The Simple Secret That's Increased My Sales

Here's one strategy that has worked consistently for me. Year after year I've used this technique. It almost always works. There might not be a magic bullet. But this comes close. 

Build a suite of products around a theme. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose a theme for a series of 4-5 products.
  2. Create and release each product. 
  3. Bundle the products and offer a generous discount.

For example, I decided I wanted to create a collection of Photoshop actions that would help me quickly create mid-century print effects in my design work. 

So I made a series of products to achieve the effects. Registration errors, ink bleed, halftones, ink roughening, and retro painter effects.

I sold each pack for $15. Each performed decently. But then I packaged the actions together and called them The Mid-Century Print Pack. 

Within days that product sold more than all the individual products combined!

Jeremy Vessey shared some brilliant insights on this method in the Passive Income for Designers Facebook Group.

View the thread in the group or just check out the screenshot below:



Create products around a theme. Make each one a useful product on its own. Then bundle them together. 

Sell them at an irresistible bundle price. 50% off the individual retail price is a great place to start.

By using this technique, you capture the buyers who want the single product. Plus, you'll get a lot of sales from people who love a deal.

How do you plan to use this technique with your products? Share your idea in 1-2 sentences in the comments below.