Episode 014 | Make Money Hand Lettering with Dina Rodriguez


Make Money Hand Lettering with Dina Rodriguez

Hand lettering is a competitive and popular field these days. It seems like every other designer is trying to make money from hand lettering. 

That's a good thing and a bad thing. 

It's good because if others are making money from hand lettering you can too.

It's a bad thing because the competition is stiff. If hand lettering is a big part of the direction you're going with your business you need to stand out.

You also need to be aware of all the traditional and non-traditional ways there are to make money from your hand lettering. 

Luckily, hand lettering artist/entrepreneur Dina Rodriguez has got our back. 

In this 60+ minute episode of the Passive Income for Designers podcast you'll learn:

  • How Dina got her start in hand lettering. 
  • Dina's simple (but empowering) secret for standing out in a saturated market. 
  • Exactly how Dina makes her money from hand lettering (and a good amount of it is passive income).

Stuff We Mention in This Episode

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