Episode 005 | How Rocky Roark Launched a Passive Income Business Over the Weekend

Learn how designer/marketer Rocky Roark launched a passive income business over the weekend. Plus, discover his secrets to raising over $7000 on Kickstarter to create Slap! Stickers, a subscription sticker site.

This interview is packed with tons of action-based tips to help you grow your own business fast. 

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You'll get some personal video training from me (Dustin Lee) plus a product idea scoring worksheet to help you choose your best idea.

Episode 004 | How Jeff Finley Helped Pioneer Selling Digital Design Products Online

Jeff Finley is the co-founders of Go Media Arsenal, one of the first online marketplaces for designers. He's also the co-founder of Weapons of Mass Creation, a beloved design conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

In this in-depth interview, you'll learn how Jeff has done such amazing work (and get inspired to create your own big things). Plus, Jeff will share his own unique journey that brought him on a cross-country to his next big adventure.

Episode 003 | Making Your First Dollar Online

I've literally seen hundreds (probably thousands) of designers and would-be entrepreneurs try to start businesses. 

Want to know what the #1 thing that stops them is?

Getting the first product out the door.

When it comes down to it, we're all afraid of rejection and failure. So we often sabotage ourselves by never releasing our products. 

In this episode of Passive Income for Designers, learn how to earn your first dollar online. You'll discover how to choose the right product. Then I'll show you how to put it up for sale fast. 

By the end of the episode you'll know exactly how to get the exhilarating feeling of earning your first few dollars online.