Episode 007 | How David O'Hara Built a Best-Selling T-Shirt Company Using Extreme Collaboration

I met David O'Hara in 2015 while attending Creative South. waiting for a table at Mario's Restaurant and Pub in Columbus, Georgia.

I was waiting with a large group for a table at Mario's Restaurant and Pub in Columbus, Georgia - but there wasn't enough room at the table. So David and I decided to have dinner together. 

This was my first meeting with David. We talked about my business (RetroSupply Co.) and an app he was building. He also mentioned an idea he had for a t-shirt company. 

It was just an idea. And like so many ideas people have I wondered if it would ever become something. 

But I quickly learned David was someone who makes stuff happen. Within a year he built 50 States Apparel into a successful t-shirt brand unlike any other. If you've never heard of 50 States Apparel you've got to check it out. 


In this interview you'll learn exactly how David got a good idea and built it into an amazing t-shirt business in less than a year. 

If you're trying to build a business and feel overwhelmed you should listen to this. David's story will remind you that huge things can happen if you work hard and and build relationships.